Branding, 3D and Creative coding,
Previously worked at Area 17

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Our life is filled with interesting products. Simple ones we can make by ourselves, complicated one are made by expertise. There are often some fascinating design features embedded in the complicated ones. At the beginning it’s made for purpose, and later on it has become as a pattern, a fashion, a visual feature.

My idea is to abstract of the form of cassettes. In this digital world, there is hardly cassettes being used, but the way how it builds and the appearance of cassettes has always excites me. I remember as a kid with the whole drawers of musical and story-reading tapes. Maybe its function has become outdated, its visuals can still be preserved and explored more.  

Beginning model test, before applying materials, with a bottom light. 

Interior parts, a red gemstone within the shell. 

Sketches during the modelling process.