Circles Could Be Rectangles 
Posters ︎︎︎

This is a beginning experiment before the Circle But Not Circle project. Here is a relatively broader idea of different shapes’ transformation and dimensions. Another idea here is to use shape itself to explain the other images. The amount of text put into the project needs to be as less as possible.

Circle But Not Circle
Printed matter ︎︎︎
The idea of this “newspaper” is to find relations between 2d flat shapes and 3d objects. The main focus here is based on the experiments of circle shape, including solid circles, hollow circles and skinny outlined circles. By playing with the scale and perspective of objectives, it creates some interesting visual patterns and textures. The whole scene is turned into black and white in order to highlight on the shapes more and reduce the distractions from colors.

Everything Is Not Ordinary
Images or specifically shapes are the language itself to explain the projects. By playing with the scale and the arrangement of the 2d shapes and 3d objects, the relationships are built up and weird transformations are happening.

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Shape It. 
Book ︎︎︎ 
The beginning idea starts from a quote saying, “The things you don't pay attention to are the things which value almost 100%.” It made me realize that we are so used to the everyday objects that surround us and can clearly picture them with our eyes closed, but just because these objects are ordinary does not mean that they are not special. I want to record those “ordinary” moments to look at them with different perspectives, and present how different and unique they can be through motion clips and photographs in book.

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