Beginning hang-cut shapes glued on paper —

Experimenting scan moments —

Funky play —

Hand-cut Diamond
Experimental Typeface ︎︎︎
Taking inspiration from natural crystals, the concept is to use a small unit to form large clusters. The whole process was started by cutting units on paper and glue them together. The numbers do not take the form of figurative Arabic numerals but counting the same units as a natural way to relate to the idea of taking elements from nature. By structuring the diamond units together, it naturally forms into organic geometric shapes. The thoughts of cutting out the center part is more for visual distinction and also used as the “zero”. The second step focused on building the whole alphabet with the diamond units. In order to create the similar shapes of these letters, the overlapped idea was applied to the units. When the letters come to the sentences, it is for sure losing its readability, but the interesting texture becomes another interesting element of this experimental typeface.