NY Art Book Fair introduction
Motion Graphic ︎︎︎
Starting by pulling elements from the shape of book and eye-looking “O” is the foundation of this motion story. Applying its high-contrast colors, blue and orange, and animating 3D flipping book on music beats bring visual impact to viewers.

It all starts from a quote when I was reading random articles, which says “The things you don't pay attention to are the things which value is almost closest to 100%.” Things could be so ordinary that even if closing eyes, they can be recognized in a clear and fast way. We are always trying to find something unusual, so unique that others hardly know. I, then, decided to focus on what I have. Focus on the things that surround me every day. They seem to be nothing special, but I believe that’s exactly how important they are, and I want to record those important and “non- special” moments, and use motion video and book to present how “different” these normal objects can be.