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Neptune Sound


Website design

Keywords: music, identity, interaction

The website design project for Neptune Sound, a musical production studio, aims to visually capture the studio's artistic vision on music, utilizing high-quality musical work, sleek typography, and an intuitive layout. The goal is to draw visitors into Neptune Sound's musical world while providing easy navigation and clear information about their services, projects, and team.

To enhance user engagement, the website design incorporates interactive elements to spark excitement and catch attention. These interactions include subtle animations, engaging hover effects, and dynamic content modules strategically placed throughout the site. By integrating these interactive features thoughtfully, users will be encouraged to explore and delve deeper into Neptune Sound's offerings, creating a memorable and captivating online experience that reflects the studio's commitment to both artistic excellence and audience satisfaction.

Conversations to start

A friend of mine wrote her own song with the help of Neptune Studio’s producer. I am a music lover with curiosity of musical production, so I asked to take a visit at the studio. We had fun recording some songs and enjoy the magic of producing music work.  

When the founder realize I do graphic design for work, he then asked me to collaborate on designing his website.


Designing a captivating website for Neptune Sound, a musical studio, intends to seamlessly combine auditory and visual excitements, creating an immersive online experience that showcases their exceptional services, creative atmosphere, and expertise. Reflect their unique blend of artistic expression and technical excellence. 

The website tries incorporate visually engaging graphics, intuitive navigation, and a harmonious color palette that resonates with the essence of music, capturing the attention of visitors and leaving a lasting impression of the studio's passion for both music and design.


Reference Exploration: Gather inspiration from renowned sources:

  • Study the user-friendly interface of music apps like Spotify.
  • Explore websites of established musical studios for valuable insights.

Conceptual Inspiration: Draw from immersive experiences, envisioning the emotional depth of:

  • The captivating atmosphere of a movie theater.
  • The profound sensations associated with immersive environments.

Key Highlights from the Founder's Perspective:

  • Inviting Ambiance: Embracing a  color tone that seamlessly aligns with our studio's interior, we aim to create a welcoming and friendly space for our valued clients.
  • Striking Musical Showcase: Experience the magic right from the start. Our website opens with a captivating display of impressive musical pieces, offering a glimpse into the artistic essence of Neptune Sound.
  • Setting Trends in the Industry: Recognizing a gap, we stand out in an industry where website variety is often limited. Neptune Sound breaks the mold, providing a unique online experience in the musical landscape.


Capturing auditory sensations:

  • Visualize the essence of auditory experiences.

User Engagement Navigation:

  • Skillfully guide users to explore the space effectively and intuitively.

In tackling the challenges of our project, our foremost objective is to seamlessly translate auditory elements into captivating visuals, creating an immersive experience for our users. Embarking on a creative journey to visualize the intricate nuances of sound, guiding users through this sensory exploration. Our design philosophy emphasizes intuitive interactions. Strategically position clickable and hoverable elements, inviting users to explore and learn and fostering a deeper connection with the auditory world we aim to present.

Initial 3 concepts (horizontally)

Typefaces & UI, UX

The choice of Anton and Oxygen create a visually striking and harmonious user interface. Utilize Anton for headings and prominent elements to evoke a sense of elegance and musicality, while Oxygen as the main body text font ensures readability and a modern aesthetic. Incorporate UI elements such as subtle animations, and intuitive navigation to enhance the user experience and reflect the studio's commitment to professionalism and creativity.

The design intends to strike a balance between sophistication and accessibility, capturing the essence of Neptune Sound's musical expertise and visually captivating visitors with a seamless blend of typography and UI elements.


At Neptune Sound, virtual showcase of musical works transcends the ordinary, providing users with a bold and interactive journey. Dive into this website, users will not only witness the brilliance of musical creations but also gain a profound sense of professional ethos. The brand identity captures the dynamic and immersive environment. The typeface, with its extruded elongated shapes, serves as a visual symphony, harmonizing the dark background and colorful images. 

The high-contrast format echoes the bold personality of the studio, symbolizing strength and creativity. Every element, designed with precision, is a reflection of Neptune Sound's core belief — that we don't just create music; we take your music to the farthest reaches, where innovation meets excellence.