Interactive design, 3D and Creative coding,
previously worked at Area 17,
currently working at Hudson Wilder.

Self-studying JavaScript, basic machine learning and Japanese. Let’s talk!

Selected work, 2D, 3D

Liang Zhu Museum




Liang Zhu Museum has a large collection of mainly jade, stone and lacquer artworks. There are all from Liang Zhu area which has become one of the representative cultural rich location. Their current architecture is designed by David Chipperfield Architects, a modern structure within the surrounding of rivers and local villages.

Reference website of the museum

This visual identity is inspired from looking at art work exhibiting in the physical space. The design is to make graphics and texts look like displaying on the visual space. By using the unique features of Chinese characters as one character sitting in one block, the shape of each block is generated randomly and then apply the characters into it, and making an interesting composition of all characters together.


Showcase the new exhibition.

The logo is inspired from the shape of the architectures, four elongated rectangular structure, they seem to be bridges to connect Liang Zhu culture with modern society, connecting this area with the surroundings. The logo is a simplified look when looking at the architectures from a perspective. It also represents the Chinese character parts of water.

Code process

In order to generate the random size for the blocks that the characters could apply to, I have tried to use JavaScript to help to create the design results. The idea is to input the width and height, and the content within that frame, it can auto generate the size and composition of the words. 

Currently the code is helping with auto-generating the size, but haven’t reached the final design results I am looking for, but this is the what works for now, and I will keep working on it and update soon.