Xinyi Zhao


Interactive design, 3D and Creative coding
currently working at Once-Future and Hudson Wilder
previously worked at Area 17

Self-studying JavaScript, basic machine learning and Japanese. Let’s talk!

Design Work

A website design project for a musical production studio, aims to visually capture the studio's artistic vision on music.

A visual identity for LiangZhu museum. Visual concept, "Mutability", symbolizes the perpetual flow of water and historical continuity, extending to a system of auto-generated scales of Chinese characters, mirroring the rhythmic movement of rivers.

Contribute creative work for the brand and establish a consistent and vibrant visual language that aligns with Hudson Wilder’s inspirational products.

Everything emphasizes on emotional expressions through the form of the commonplace objects. A series of experiments from images, to a motion, to a book.

A typeface offers a versatile and visually appealing option for children reading text, including features of rounded corners and old-style figures.