Interactive design, 3D and Creative coding
currently working at Once-Future and Hudson Wilder
previously worked at Area 17

Self-studying JavaScript, basic machine learning and Japanese. Let’s talk!



After Effect

The Playground Theater is to create an entertaining and kids-friendly space to watch shows and movies. The target audience would be families. 

The main features are smooth curve letter transformed from “PLAY” with four bright colors. As a similar feeling of kids’ doodling around a word, the feeling is to draw attention from not only adults, but also children, who might not fully understand the meaning of words, but would love colorful drawings. The curve lines filled into bubbles compose the visual textures and also create a moveable feeling, which also forms the idea behind the motion graphics of slowing filling up and smooth curve movements.

Commerical products’ tag 

Poster series of upcoming shows

For teams of theater

A motion clip as an introduction of Playground Theater