The Selfish Giant
Illustrated children book ︎︎︎ 
“The Selfish Giant” is a short fantasy story for children by the Irish author Oscar Wilde. The story’s plot revolves around a giant who builds a wall to keep children out of his garden, but learns compassion from the innocence of the children. It suggests that if we give happiness to others we can also feel happiness in our life.

The project’s concept is to illustrate in a minimal style with few texts to tell a touching story. By only taking out the key leading sentences and coversations from the original Oscar Wilde’s story, this book mainly uses illustrations with few colors to depict the movements and emotions, and light orange and blue are the main contrast background to express the opposite seasons and different moods.

A Shadow Planet 
Illustrated Baby book ︎︎︎
The idea of the whole book is base on using hand gestures to create shadow animals. When presenting shadow animals through hands, light is often important and there is no colors to add on animals. Therefore, I chose to color the animal characters all black but put them in the nature. The whole book wants to use its content to create interactions with kids and their parents. Having the hands embeded in the jungles or trees, it brings the curiosity for kids to look for and learn about hand gestures. Except the cover name, there is no text content in the book, so everything is about visual elements of animals and guiding readers to play with their hands.

How (D)are you
Motion experiments ︎︎︎
The idea of this motion clip is to create an expected scene by using simple graphics and words to form a certain emotions and create its narractive. 

TouchDesigner animation ︎︎︎
Based on the sitting monkey image which I sourced online, this serie of meditation animation is trying to bring some humerous sides into the time always staying at home. Animations was created through TouchDesigner.

Maya 3d model & animation ︎︎︎

I challenged myself to learn about the 3d model software and made this grasshopper completely from draft. It was a super exciting and suffering process to see the model get built little by little and struggling with different assets on the interface. Besides the techniques of 3d modelling, I have also learned much about the structure of the grasshopper and its movements as well. Really great experience.