Interactive design, 3D and Creative coding
currently working at Once-Future and Hudson Wilder
previously worked at Area 17

Self-studying JavaScript, basic machine learning and Japanese. Let’s talk!

Hudson Wilder


Brand identity

Mentor/Creative Director: 
Conway Liao

Keywords: e-commerce, retail, brand identity, lifestyle

Hudson Wilder is a brand founded on design and lifestyle, with a focus on providing their audience with inspiring and joyful objects and environments. 

My primary role at Hudson Wilder involves collaborating with the design team and establish a consistent and vibrant visual language that aligns with their inspirational products.

Conversations to start

During my initial interview with the creative director, Conway, I was captivated by his ambitious vision for creating an inspirational space and the multitude of creative ideas he expressed. His energy and passion were contagious, compelling me to embark on this design journey alongside him.


I dedicate my efforts to infuse the brand with fresh perspectives and creative endeavors, adding vibrancy to its identity. I track the brand's growth through new collections and campaigns, consistently contributing innovative ideas to propel its ongoing expansion.

Dumbo x Design

Hudson Wilder hosted a gathering within the Dumbo design community to foster collaboration and strengthen connections within the network.

The visual identity is crafted to be timeless and succinct, drawing inspiration from the remarkable architecture, the archway, and the symbolic orange from Hudson Wilder, representing sunrising movement and energy.

Shoppe Object

An exhibition showcases independent home brand studios and companies, offering the opportunity for display and sale of their work. This event is open to the public for visitation.


Designing pamphlets for visitors and clients to gain an overview of our products and brand language. Our goal is to attract clients not only to our boutique design wares but also to the representation and aesthetics of our brand.

Table of Contents

With preparing the launch of our new collection "Tecnica," we explore a new way to communicate our work. The "Table of Content" linked to our website will articulate our brand values and seamlessly showcase the lifestyle information we embrace, and artists we collaborated.


In our latest fall 2023 collection, Tecnica, the concept revolves around the simple joy found in significant moments of having meals, particularly during breakfast.

In preparation for the launch, my role centered on creating packaging that aligns seamlessly with our brand language. Additionally, I contributed to photo selections and crafted engaging social media posts as part of our marketing strategy, intending to generate excitement among our target audience.


To capture the visual essence of our product, I initiated the design of the packaging with lines aligned with the design of our products. Lines also have consistently embeded in Hudson Wilder's brand language. The packaging shape mirrors the architectural structure of the product as well.

The adjustment of unveiling product transitions from a vertical to a side opening, enhancing accessibility with the addition of a tab. Addressing the ease of pushing out the product, the circular cut at the bottom not only resolves this challenge but also serves as a symbolic form to the flag of Hudson Wilder.


During my time at Hudson Wilder, I improved my ability to fitting creative aspects with business strategy. The creative director provides me much creative freedom while navigating the execution of the brand's storytelling language. 

Beyond design, connecting with other creative souls has been invaluable for sharing joy and passion. Effective communication has proven to be the one of the essential aspects of my journey of learning and idea presentation .