This project was made during the time my brother just reached the age of attending kindergarten. While still developing my graphic skills in school, I had this new focus that I wanted to work on something interesting that my brother might be able to learn from. I was seeking some kids book for him and this children-friendly typeface all of sudden jumped in my mind. 
Even though he was not old enough to read the story text by himself at the time,  the story books I found for reading often focus much on the story illustrations without considering too much on the typeface choices. I then took this idea on starting developing this children-oriented typeface. 

Refining moments —

Reference: Koralle, Schelter & Giesecke, 1913. Scan coutesy of Tobias Frere-Jones

Final test on book titles and text —

*The section of story content is from ︎︎︎

Typeface Design ︎︎︎

This san-serif typeface Koara is designed for children’s book text. The feature of rounded corners and the proportion of the x-height and descenders are trying to mimic the sense of chunkiness. The typeface’s name Koara is partly from the original specimen’s name Koralle and partly from the cute animal Koala.