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Koara is designed for children's book text. This project was made during the time my brother just reached the age of attending kindergarten. Majority of his books have great illustrations but the typeface loses a bit characteristic. I then came up with this idea on developing this children-oriented typeface.

Koara has larger proportion of x-height with short descenders, which bring cuteness and chubbiness to the whole alphabet. By giving round corners to each letter, it adds up a layer of smoothness. Kids are often considered as soft-edged, so showing these features through visual touches on the letters is the main focus of this typeface.

Reference: Koralle, Schelter & Giesecke, 1913. Scan coutesy of Tobias Frere-Jones

Before forming this idea of creating this typeface, I found the specimen named Koralle which made me come up with the idea of creating typeface for kids book text. Comic-sans is frequently used in kids' book, but compared to adults' magazines, there are not font choices in kids' books. Creating a typeface that could be more formal than Comic-Sans but still giving the cute style is the direction I decided to go for.

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