Shape It.
The everyday objects that surround us are so ordinary that we can clearly picture them even if we close our eyes, but just because these objects are ordinary does not mean that they are not special. “The things you don't pay attention to are the things which usually value the most.” I want to record those “no-attention” moments to look at regular objects with different perspectives, and present how different and unique they can be.

The images content in my projects are all regular groceries and taken by phone camera. I experimented on the “weird” visual aspect so they could appear to look unexpected. I tried to create a “I-might-know-what’s-going” scenes to make audiences jump in and out confusion. The motion clip is more considered as metaphor of a lifetime recording, and the book works as a written diary to record these “ordinary” life moments. The whole project focuses on the experimental process from images, to motion clips, to a book, as a continuous series. I remove the colors of all the contents, so everything would be read with more emphasis on shape and composition. As what the title says, Shape It could represent anything and when we try to see everyday objects in a new light, we can start to realize how important and special these normal objects can be.

Parsons BFA Communication Design︎︎︎